We each have ideas and things we can add to just about anything that is said.  Still, we must not add to or take away from any of the Word of God.  So as I read, I Pray that God gives me what He has for me from His Word that day.  Today while reading Leviticus 16 I was reminded of the importance of a couple things. 

There is much importance to be placed on Fathers or Single Moms as leaders of our families.  Times come and go so quickly and, if we’re not careful, our busy schedule leaves out time for our family.  We have to make sure to be there for the people that God has allowed us to be under the same roof with everyday.  God has blessed us with children and loved ones that are considered our family and that’s so important. I believe you will never regret making time to be there for your family.

Love and provide Godly wisdom

Even though we try our hardest to love people and train them in the way they should go, there is no promise that they will accept the wisdom.  Do what is right no matter what they do around you.  I never want to live with guilt upon looking back on my life.  I want to be assured that I tried my absolute best.  There will be times that our family makes bad choices but we shouldn’t place the blame on us if we’ve done as we should.  

I’d like to close with this thought.  When electricity works there is a constant flow from contact points.  If the contact point gets dirty the flow will slow or even be stopped from the dirt or debris.  It is amazing how quick if you know the point of contact and can get to it you can quickly get the flow going again.  Take time today to make sure you’re the clean contact point so your family can flow as God wants.