2 Timothy 1:7 reads as follows:

For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.

We can gather many important applications when we look at this verse and fully embrace its truths. Today I grasp it slightly different as I’m actively thinking about what God has given us in the moment! We have what we have only by the hand of God and all good is straight from the Father. We are given eternal life once we accept that Jesus is the way and embrace Him as our savior. I heard a saying on the radio recently and it goes like this:

Once you know Him and He is not just a place you go then things change.

There is so much to ponder within those words and I really reflected on them while driving. God knows who has an active relationship with Jesus vs who just visits Him Sunday morning. I was awakened to the reality of how much church means to me during the shutdowns we’ve experienced this year. The understanding that Jesus wants a closer walk with me everyday (not just Sunday/Wednesday) was fully revealed. Not that I was not His or not saved, but that conviction of coming back to my first love Jesus. Church is great and fellowship with believers is a must. That said, never put this above your personal time and personal relationship with Jesus. Take time this Christmas and just embrace all He has given us and continues to give us. Embrace all that He has planned for us in the future. Praise The Lord!